So, you're in the market for a new push mower. That can be an intimidating experience! There's so many models with so many features, benefits and drawbacks. It can be a doubly daunting task if this will be your first cordless mower.

Let's review some of the pros and cons of the Greenworks lawn mower with 21" deck and 60-volt battery. In summary, it's a nice machine for anyone with a quarter-acre or smaller lawn who wants the advantages of an electric mower without giving up the power of their old gas mower.


Here's how we rate the Greenworks MO40L410 mower compared to other cordless models.

Cut Quality

Engine power

Ease of operation


Ease of maintenance



This is a powerful mower with a 20" cutting width and a run time of around 60 minutes.

It's super easy to maintain, thanks to its brushless electric motor. 90 percent of the maintenance required involves cleaning.

You can store it in a 1'x2' space. All you have to do is pull a pin and fold the handle over. Then you either hang it up or set it on its back wheels.

  • 60-volt brushless motor
  • 4Ah battery
  • 21" deck / 20" actual cutting width
  • Side discharge (bag or mulch)
  • 7 cutting heights


  • Quiet
  • Battery-saving smart power feature
  • Batteries interchangeable with other 60-volt Greenworks tools
  • Three discharge options
  • Vertical storage
  • Dependable and easy to use


  • A bit heavier than most cordless electric mowers
  • Price is on the higher side
  • Doesn't cut close to fences, buildings or other objects. It leaves a strip of grass about 1 1/2" wide.

Cut Quality

Assuming a sharp blade and reasonable ground speed, this mower gives an excellent cut.

There are seven heights ranging from 1-3/8" to 3-3/4". That covers the recommended heights for all lawn types in all seasons and environmental conditions.

The smart power feature automatically increases the motor's power output when it senses more resistance. The extra blade speed and torque lets the blade do its job: slice grass blades. Without this extra power, you'd either have to slow your push or let the blade tear your grass up.

Bonus mowing tip: Don't mow in the same direction every time. You'll create a tough grain in your lawn that will make it harder for a blade to cut through. This is especially important when using a cordless mower, because battery life is a consideration.

Ease Of Operation

It doesn't get much easier than this. Greenworks did a great job making this mower super easy to use.

Right up front, though, I want you to know that this mower is heavier than most other cordless models out there. That's mainly because the deck is steel, rather than plastic.

The wheels are just the right size for easy turning and pushing. They do protrude out about an inch and a half from the edge of the deck. That means that you won't be able to mow right up against obstacles. You'll have some trimming to do.

It starts with the push of a button. It's a soft-start engine, so it takes about five seconds for the blade to get up to full speed. After that, you're ready to mow!

You adjust the cutting height by setting one lever. That saves time and aggravation because you don't have to adjust each wheel individually.


Obviously, there's no air filters, oil or spark plugs to change. Most electric mowers are pretty easy as far as maintenance goes, and this one's no different.

You'll likely never have to service the motor. It's brushless, so there's no carbon-laden brushes to change. When the motor eventually dies, probably after many years of trouble-free service, it'll need to be replaced outright.

One thing that should never be overlooked is turf buildup under the deck. It can bog the blade down. This would put too much stress on the motor and battery, and may cause the mower to shut down automatically to protect those components. The underside of the deck should be cleaned with a stiff brush or garden hose after each use.

You'll want to oil the wheels with 3-in-1 oil at least a few times per season. That'll cut down on friction. A very light coating on the deck's underside will prevent rust and help keep grass from sticking to it.

Other than that, just wipe the mower clean every so often, preferably after each use.

Engine Power And Performance

With a 60-volt motor, this is one of the most powerful cordless mowers on the market today. Anything above 60 volts is generally seen only on commercial models.

All that power gives a clean cut, but what about battery life?

This model comes with a 4Ah battery. The "Ah" stands for "amp-hour," and it's a measure of how much power a battery can hold. 4Ah means that this battery can supply a steady four amps of power for one hour before you'll notice a drop in power.

During testing, this 60v cordless lawn mower's motor drew an average of four amps under average operating conditions. The math is easy here: Under normal conditions, you should get a run time of 60 minutes from this motor/battery combo.

Of course the thickness and length of your lawn will affect your run time. So will other factors, like the sharpness of the blade and how fast you push. Under tough conditions, you may only get half an hour on a full charge.

If you have grass of average thickness and length, you can mow about a quarter of an acre before needing a recharge.

You can get a spare battery for less than a couple hundred bucks. That way, you can swap them out and mow twice as much. There's also a 5Ah battery available. It'll give you about 70 to 75 minutes of mowing per charge.

Special Features 

It seems like everything is smart nowadays. Now we have smart lawn mowers.

The motor senses when you hit a thicker or longer patch of grass, and it pulls extra power to plow through it. This helps you get done quicker, because you won't have to slow down or take narrower passes. When you're mowing through thinner grass, the automatic power-saving mode conserves battery power for longer run time. This is a great feature for anyone with thicker patches in their lawn.

Switching from side-discharge to mulch is as easy as installing the mulching plug. It literally takes five seconds. Or you can hook the clipping bag into place in about six seconds. This kind of flexibility is nice to have if you sometimes have to let your lawn get out of hand. You can easily mulch shorter grass, and you still have the option of bagging longer grass or just letting it fly.

When you're done mowing and cleaning the mower, you'll want to store it out of the way. If you're tight on space, or just like to keep your place tidy, you'll like the way this mower folds. The handle flips over to lay on the deck. Then you can hang it on your wall if you like.

A lot of electric mowers can hang. But this one can stand up on its rear wheels when its handle is folded!

Who Should Buy This Mower

Anyone looking for a cordless electric push mower for their medium-sized yard should take a good look at this powerful, well-built electric lawn mower from Greenworks.

One hour of run time is enough to mow about a quarter-acre per charge. Thinner, shorter lawns will use less power and allow longer battery life. Tougher lawns will sap the battery quickly. This mower is so impressive with its power, durability and ease of use, I think it would be worth it for someone with a larger yard to buy an extra battery for double mowing time. Two batteries will see you through about a half an acre, if your legs don't give out first.

Many people who have decided to ditch gas mowers really like this one because it offers almost the same amount of power as a gas model. Most complaints involve forgetting to recharge the battery after use.

All in all, the MO40L410 mower is fantastic for cordless newbies and long-time fans of electric mowers alike.


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